Momma’s Special

I was sleeping in my bed, literally sprawled on it. I was tired and my body was aching. Every inch of my body screamed to be massaged and caressed, I was so damned beat. I was so lazy that I did not bother to have lunch. My mom would never let me sleep in and skip the meal. So the next thing I knew, she bangs open the door of my room. Yes, she never knocked and she made it pretty clear that she never will. That’s my mom for you! But before I saw her face, I could smell her divine fried rice and butter chicken. It engulfed the room and ensnared my senses. I was in a trance, minus the zombie-walking pose.

“Mom! Do I smell butter chicken and fried rice?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, sweetie. I knew you were tired, so I brought the damn thing to your room.” She said and smiled at me with all her mommy love pooled on the plate. She makes the best fried rice and she knows it alright. She placed it on the side table and walked towards the door, when I yelled out, “Mom!! Feed me will you?”

My mom does not like to feed us, well, she loathes it and that is one of the reasons I make her do it. Not in a sadistic way, but I feel special when she feeds me. My brother has a way for making her feel guilty if she feeds me and not him. So she ends up feeding the both of us, but only on rare occasions.


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