Unforgettable Bastard

A whisper of your name

Is enough to destroy me?


The sound of your voice

Kills every nerve in my body,


How do you wield such power over me?

How did I let you get away with this?


Till this day, your face

Haunts me in my dreams,


I want to move on

I desire a life without you,


How do you crawl back in?

How I wish to never see you again.


4 thoughts on “Unforgettable Bastard

  1. motloungmaditjhaba says:

    I understand how you feel….I also wish i didn’t know him now I am left alone,trying to bring back the happiness his taken away from me.I see his face in my dreams,I could just smell his cologne everywhere I go and sometimes I am tempted to call him but because he had caused me so much pain,I don’t think I am ready to deal with him now#sad


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