On a Sunday Morning. (#3 W.O.W)

She was lying on the sofa, with her earphones plugged in and ‘Imagine Dragons’ roared their way into her ears. It was a lazy Sunday morning and she did not plan anything for the weekend due to a very hectic week. She simply wanted to slug around. It felt reposeful to lay back on the sofa and calm her nerves. She even had a terrible cold and coughed like a dog. So she made sure that she had a bottle of cough syrup right next to her on the side table before she lay down and started to snore.
She fell asleep with the earphones plugged into her ears. The song now changed to ‘2PM’ and kept on playing. No one was in the house except for her brother, Chris and her grandmother who snored from the guest room.
Chris came down the stairs and observed his sister, Alex, sprawled on the sofa. He stood there, at the foot of the stairs for a few seconds, and he recalled a memory. It happened about five years ago, a wonderful prank he played on his dear little sister during Christmas vacation. Alex was asleep on the sofa and Chris decided to spray her palm with whipped cream. He then traced her face with the back of a duster which tickled her. Alex woke up with a start and simultaneously slammed the whipped cream on her face.
It was time to bring that rattling prank to life. He scooted over to kitchen, hunting for a can of whipped cream. He searched the usual places where his mum usually kept them and he couldn’t find them, not one single can. He rummaged the store room supplies, the cabinets, and the refrigerator, he was lost now. He placed both his hands on the counter of the kitchen and breathed a defeated sigh. And just when he turned around, he saw Alex armed with two cans of whipped cream. He was ambushed by the firing of the whipped cream before he could utter the word NO!
“How does that feel, brother dear?” She was wearing a grin of pride on her face as she questioned him.
“You outsmart me once and you think you have defeated me. Dear little sister, this war isn’t over yet.” He smirked.
“You wish.” She laughed manically and then suddenly the laugh turned into violent coughs. Chris rushed to the side table where he saw the bottle of cough syrup and yanked it off from table. He went by his sister’s side and poured a spoon of the cough syrup and shoved it into her mouth.
“You don’t have to kill me with that disgusting cough syrup, brother. I expect a better challenge from you.” She said between the coughs.
“I missed you too, little sister.” He asked her, placing a hand on her face.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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