Jenny’s Weekend. (#2 W.O.W)

At the stroke of midnight, Jenny’s doorbell buzzed. Once. Just once. Her parents had left her home alone after a week of her begging them to let her stay without a baby-sitter and they finally decided to go out on a road trip. She was seventeen years old after all, she was entitled to a few crazy nights.

She was holed up in her bedroom, reading a novel a friend had thrust into her hands a few days ago. She had in fact just tumbled her way to glory, fawning over her favorite movie star, Tom Hiddleston.

But the door bell piqued her interest and she made her way down the stairs after leaving her bedroom door ajar. When she reached towards the door knob, she heard her bedroom door bang shut. Now, this alarmed her, but she kept her cool and looked through the peek-hole and saw nobody. Maybe it was a kid who was playing a prank on her, but why would the door to her bedroom shut itself automatically? 

She decided against going up to her room for about ten minutes and waited to see if she would hear the doorbell again. And this time, she wanted to hear from her parents and not just some random prankster. She thought about calling her mom, but she would panic and they would march home straight away. She could not do that to her parents, they needed their alone time. So she waited out on the couch in the living room. The T.V roared to life and a football match was being aired. It flickered for what felt like ten seconds and the power supply to the house got cut off. Now this scared the hell out of her and she screamed this time, waking up the entire neighborhood. 

And the door to her house burst open and she heard a loud chorus of a ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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