R.O.F.L! – ‘Those were the best days of my life!’ (#1 W.O.W)

‘Oh, when I look back now

That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah, I’d always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life…’

My phone rang, buzzing with the ‘Summer of ’69’ tune. In case you are wondering why my phone buzzed with that ringtone, well, here’s the truth. My mom loves Bryan Adams and she keeps changing my ringtone to her favorite songs and hums to them from the kitchen. Yes, that’s my mom and that’s how she works. It was Amee (Ameena), my best friend from school. I love to have phone conversations with her because there would always be something to squeal about (mostly Benedict Cumberbatch). I moved to India about two years ago to complete my under-grad and Amee and I made it a point to chat at least once a week. It almost always never worked out as both  of us would be way busy with Uni, but we made time for one another, even tweeted the time we would be online so we could Skype at night.

“Hey, Amee! What’s up?” I said animatedly.  

“Hey back! Nothing much, just watching the latest season of MasterChef.” I knew she was drooling over the delectable food on T.V. 

“Oh crap. I have to catch up, haven’t watched it in a while.” I said, slurping to myself.

“Speaking of food, do you remember the common lunch during the special classes, in that unoccupied classroom opposite to our homeroom?” She said with laughter in her tone.

“Oh my god, yes! And how Aysha and I weren’t allowed near the serving area. Bah..What a shame!” I whined on the other end.

“We would not have had enough food to eat if that ever happened.” She sounded pretty serious then, it choked me up with laughter. It is true, Aysha and I were foodies for life.

“Someone always forgot the paper plates and we had lunch on foil papers and lids of the lunch box. God. Will we ever relive those moments?!” I said, reminiscing the past.

“Don’t forget the vacant stares we received from the passersby who peeked in through the window and the innumerable sighs.”

“Oh yeah, crazy days man, I want them back. I was really glad that we got on to the P.E teacher’s good books because of the frequent orders we placed from her restaurant. Fried rice, butter chicken, gobi manchurian…you name it, she got it!” I was practically drooling then.

“The best part was when we fought for the last chicken piece or that one spoon of dessert. No one enjoyed special class like us, Ha Ha Ha.”

“Yeah. And the eleven us used to be giddy after that heavy lunch and we always slept through Accoutancy class, with Batgirl’s (Nickname for the accountancy teacher) head prodding from one end to another.” I pissed myself laughing, thinking about the good old days.

“Sana never failed to entertain us with her impressions of Batgirl. God, I wanna relive those moments again, it’s like projecting right in front of my eyes.” Amee exclaimed.

“Amee, we should flick Dumbledore’s pensive and shove our memories onto it, and revisit it over and over again.” I sounded determined.

“I want Hermione’s time-turner. I have always wanted one, it would make things easier.” She sighed.

“Hmm..yes it would. By the way, why did you call, man?” I almost forgot what was the whole point of her calling me in the first place, as we drifted on a journey down the memory lane.

“Damn yeah, guess I just doped on our awesomeness back then, eh?”

“Ha Ha Ha, and why wouldn’t you!”

“Okay Okay, meet up on Friday, at 2:30 pm, lunch at my place. You are coming and I don’t want no for an answer.” She said with gripping firmness.

“Do I have a choice?” 

“No you don’t, so get your ass into my house on Friday. Period. Buhbayee.”
And I was left to listen to the dial tone of my phone.

Those were the best days of my life!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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