It was a lie, not love

I lived in a dream with you
Held your beautiful hand
And took a promise
That I will never love anyone but you,

Stroking the keys of the piano
I now sit and think
It was all a foul lie
For which I was played like the fiddle of your violin,

We were there, like a pretty picture
Painted for eternity and meant
To be together
But you burnt it up abruptly,

What of that lovely kiss?
What of that exquisite moment 
Of pure pleasure and desire?
You never loved me, O! you never did!

My tears stain the notes
I play out of agony and anguish
You left me all alone
To weep at my sorry state,

But I don’t care
For I believe that
If there is anyone meant for me
I will wait for that true love
And you will see….


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