A Whisper from the Shadows

Leaves rustles
And the wind spoke
A soft whisper
All silence broke,

He is coming
O! Indeed
A creature of the moon
And the sinister night,

Claim, he shall
A life for himself
Not a rogue or
A filthy being,

He approaches for
A fair and pretty
Virgin maiden
By tonight, indeed,

Cower under your beddings
Simper not and fear
Not turning back now
The creature is here,

Claim, he shall
A life for himself
To satiate his formidable
And invincible mistress,

An ugly sorceress
Clad in midnight robes
Skin wrinkled and
A mirror put to shame,

The creature has taken
The maiden with hair
For gold and roses
For lips, so exquisite,

A spell was cast on her
Her beauty withered
As she watched her hands
Turn as the leaves of autumn,

Thus! Began the cackling
She stood tall
Watched the maiden fall
And restored her youth,

Claimed, he has
A life for himself
Ate her heart
And drank her pure blood,

No power could match
Her dark sorcery
Everyone trembled by
Her very shadow,

Along came a princess
Of the highlands afar
‘Remove that abomination’
Whimpered the villagers,

Her bravery had no boundaries
Possessed an enchanted dagger
To strike none
But the evil that resides,

Came upon the trapdoor
Shattered it to splinters
Arose it into the air
And struck the howling beast,

Drew blood, oh yes, indeed
Anger replaced by agony
He howled and writhed
As a battered pup,

Thunder clapped and storms
Swirled as she struck
The tower of the witch
Into two halves,

Hexes flew in the air
The battle had begun
Radiance fought the shadows
It was time to end her era,

At long last
The witch fell bleeding
Darkness of the shadows
No blood or pain,

Vanished into the air
The dagger did ensnare
And banish the evil
Now as good as dead.

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