My gentle follicles

I could hear my bus approaching my street from within the room. I was under the captivity of my lovely and anxious mommy. She was sloshing the oil in my hair lavishly and was fish-braiding it.

“Momma, stop the waterfall will you, I am going to miss my bus, for sure.”

“Sit still will you, child.”


Mother never let go of me until she massaged my hair with oil, she says that it’s the lifeblood of a woman’s being. I had the thickest hair in class (all thanks to her), it was adored alright, but part curly. Other kids had long hair, but theirs could not compete with my thickness. The miracle of my mother’s hands was impeccable. After I moved out I was too lazy to conserve it. The coarseness increased and it started to fall like crazy.

Mommy came to visit me and gaped at her baby, my hair. She handed me a bottle of Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and a conditioner tube, the following day. And man, I can literally get that beautiful whiff off of my hair and it’s gotten velvety too.

Now I say, “Ya gotta love Dove!”




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