Off with his head!

Have you ever felt like ripping someone’s head?
Do you feel it now?

Well, I think I will beat you to it, because if I get a hold of that fudging moron, I will RIP HIS HEAD OFF. He thinks he is absolutely talented and holds his head up high in the air, claims our baby (Project) as his and ruined it in the process of shooting a video. Oh, how mad am I?!
The credits contains his entire friend list and names of useless douche bags and not ours. The ones who rummaged through slums and took the risk of going along with two random transgenders for the sake of our News Story. This was our first scoop and it was special in it’s own way. I am not gonna blame that man for doing what he has done, the video was spectacular in it’s own way. To a person who has not been at the shooting spot would love it.

But not ME. I felt useless, it was all worth for nothing in the end. But here comes the best part, I don’t even care.

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