Diwali – Festival of Lights!

It was Diwali, and man we were literally thirsty for shooting rockets into the sky! Though we don’t celebrate it, our hands simply itched to light a cracker. And thus began our hunt for the BIG ONES. We started to roam about the BIG STREET which had all of the shops from clothes to vessels, but unfortunately they had closed down all of the crackers shops. It was nine and not one shop was opened. Devastated, we rode forth to another small and dingy street where we saw several lights glowing. Nearing that tiny  store which sold the last of the day’s stock. man! WHATTA RELIEF! But we didn’t get to buy the damn bombs and fire works crackers.

Precisely at 10:45 pm we proceeded towards the terrace and started our own fire works with the tiny flower pots. It was a night to remember as we contributed to the poisoning of mother nature just to watch a few crackers burst. It has it’s own pros and cons. I cannot help but be a sadist at that point! 😛


Posted in: fun

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